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If you have already completed a degree programme, you may wish to build upon your experience and training to date, and complete an additional degree in medicine. As long as you achieved a minimum of a 2.1 in any degree, you will be eligible to apply to a medical school which delivers a graduate-entry programme. It is your overall performance in your previous degree, which is counted. Many graduates who have entered graduate-entry programmes have benefitted from the broad skills of time-management, and familiarity with assessment and exams, which they have developed through their primary degree.

I already have a degree - can I still become a doctor?

Yes - there are four courses in Ireland specifically tailored for graduates and are of four years’ duration. These programmes are available in the following medical schools -

Does the subject of my primary degree matter?

No - If you already hold a degree, and achieved a minimum of a 2.1 in your degree, then you are eligible to apply. The subject of your primary degree does not matter as there is no evidence to suggest that holders of, for example science-related degrees perform any better than holders of non-science degrees. As part of the individual entry requirements to the four programmes listed above, you may be required to pass an additional test and/or meet with an interview panel. You should refer to each medical school’s prospectus for their specific requirements.

I am an international graduate – am I eligible to apply to a graduate entry programme?

Yes - you should refer to the medical schools for their specific entry requirements.