One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories

Candidates nominated in the One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories are as follows:

Dr Roy Mark Browne (Registration Number: 12635)
Dr Dewar Mahmood Siddiqi (Registration Number: 18116)
Dr Sohail Rasool (Registration Number: 16781)
Dr Shane O'Hanlon (Registration Number: 188795)
Dr Sumi Dunne (Registration Number: 23439)
Dr Malachy Gerard Coleman (Registration Number: 3464)
Dr Marcus De Brun (Registration Number: 128888)
Dr Cormac Duff (Registration Number: 417089)
Dr Eleanor Mary Corcoran (Registration Number: 3617)

The biographies below were supplied by the candidates.

Dr Roy Mark Browne MD, MRCPsych, MICPsych (Registration Number: 12635)

Roy BrowneQualified from RCSI 1988, currently a consultant Psychiatrist providing Psychiatric Intensive Care service for males from the Eastern Counties of Ireland. Council Member and Past Vice president of IHCA. Previously Clinical Director of St Brendan’s Hospital and Connolly Hospital Dept of Psychiatry. Previously Executive Clinical Director of Dublin North City Psychiatry. I have an ongoing interest in Governance in the Irish Medical Setting, the interaction of acute hospitals and Community Healthcare Organisations, training of Doctors and recruitment and retention of Doctors in the Irish context.

I would hope to represent all disciplines and all grades of Doctor on the Medical Council. I feel the engagement with Doctors has proven problematic in the past. The importance of ongoing communication and mutual respect between regulatory body and clinicians cannot be overstated. It is my hope to provide a strong link between the clinicians who often struggle with providing the best quality of care with limited resources and the regulatory body which in the past has at times distanced itself from the realities of a system starved of resources.

I am pleased with the increasing focus on the safe and positive workplace environment and would hope to further the work of the Council in the areas of workplace bullying and discordant relationships between clinicians and administrators which has had a very negative effect on both doctors in training and more senior clinicians in recent years.

In my role as active clinician and with my past experience in managing services with a focus on clinical and organisational Governance I believe I bring pragmatic experience to the Medical Council and will work to ensure that the regulatory function is carried out in a transparent manner with fairness been an integral component of all interactions with the profession.

Dr Dawar Mahmood Siddiqi (Registration Number: 18116)

Dr Dawar M SiddiqiMB BS, Diploma in Radiology (PK)
FRCR (UK) 04 Module,DMRD (UK)
MCRN. 018116

Dear Colleagues,

I am a candidate for the upcoming Medical Council Elections for one of the six medical member seats. In total there are 25 members, out of which majority are
non-professionals. The term of this membership is for five years (2018 to 2023).

I am contesting for membership in the following category: “One registered medical practitioner not falling within any of the other categories” 

I will give a brief introduction of my long medical career comprising of more than 03 decades since my graduation from University of the Punjab Pakistan. After initial internship and working in A&E, I joined Radiology in 1982. After obtaining a diploma, I worked as a Consultant Radiologist in 1988 at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore. Later in 1990, I proceeded to UK where I received further Training and qualification from the UK and then also worked in Limerick regional hospital for one year in 1994. Later in 1996, I moved to Saudi Arabia and where I worked in the State of the Art Hospitals in Riyadh including National Guard Hospital and King Fahd Medical City, before returning to the Republic of Ireland in 2013.

I have the experience of working as Head of Radiology services for 3 years in Pakistan and 8 years while working in Saudi Arabia. During my stay there, I developed Policy/ Procedures and Guidelines for the staff and patient services. Considering my long years of working in many countries, my experience of working in Ireland is quite revealing.The administration here is less supportive and more bureaucratic in attitude which the doctors have to endure in their daily practice while delivering healthcare. Doctors are mostly working under pressure, while the primary interest of hospital management is steady turnover of the patients to record good census rather than the quality of patient care. Consequently,many doctors especially NCHD have given up the profession, while others are leaving for abroad resulting in staff shortage and more work load for those who opted to stay back.

The Medical Council is a statutory body of Ireland responsible for regulation of Medical Practice, which is totally funded by the doctors. Apart from registration of the doctors,the only other job it does is to facilitate and process the complaints against Medical Practitioners. The policy and procedures of the medical council in place are such that if a complaint is made against a doctor, He or she is considered guilty unless proved otherwise rather than the opposite. The complaint is referred by the case Officer to Preliminary Proceeding committee which meets once a month. The case officers who consider and prepare the case plan are not competent to do this highly technical Medical job.The result is that most of the complaints without proper evaluation are referred to Fitness to Practice Committee(FTP). The FTP members and,Law Firms engaged by the medical council are paid heavily by Medical Council. The Fitness to Practice committees, consume significant resources and time before reaching any Verdict, which is claimed to be done to protect the public. FTP Proceedings are done in open public, causing embarrassment to doctors and denting the public confidence in Health Services. Majority of decisions taken by FTPC when challenged in Court of Law, are overturned resulting in colossal loss to the resources of the Medical Council, funded by Doctors. Time has come to review these old practices and formulate new Policy &Procedures to improve the working conditions for doctors and a fair and just processing of the public complaints against Medical Practitioners which will be conducive for better patient’s care.

I request all of you to vote for me so that I can raise a voice of doctors in the medical council to make changes in the above outdated practices for the sake of safe delivery of health care as well as regain the respect of the Medical Profession in Ireland. The election is taking place from 1st March to 21st March 2018 and once again I would urge you to spare a few minutes out of your busy schedule and cast vote in my favor in the category no 6, where my name is the last in the list. The electronic voting is by logging on to your medical council account and the category no 6 is at the bottom.

Dr Sohail Rasool (Registration Number: 16781)


Higher Diploma Dermatology (UCD)

Higher Diploma Forensic Medicine (UCD)

MA Healthcare Management (IPA DUBLIN)

MSc Forensic Medicine (UCD)


RaIs é do Vóta domsa d'Ionadaíocht

I am asking my medical colleagues to support me kindly in terms of their important VOTE at the forthcoming Medical Council Elections, to Professionally Represent them in the following category:
One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories

I have 22 Years' experience in Irish Health System, HSE (6 years) in different clinical specialities, and current more than 16 years in General practice, Civil Service (Custodial Settings), Out of Hours Urgent Family Service (GP Co-op), Sexual Assault Unit (SATU) and STD Clinics.

I have MA in Healthcare Management (Institute of Public Administration Ireland), and MSc in Forensic Medicine from UCD Ireland.

I have special interests in Healthcare Management, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Forensic& Legal medicine and Infectious Diseases .I cherish the most my experienced based learning in the both healthcare settings, to manage the complex cases, challenges and enjoy team work.

During those years, I got to know the challenges doctors face in hospital medicine, in career development, vulnerabilities, decisions to be made under pressures, exams stresses /training patterns, securing job, social/family demands, and on the top maintaining Professional Standards.

In General Practitioner and Community Health I also see challenges practice face, time /financial constraints, patients expectations, multi-tasking jobs, contracts, family/cultural norms, clinical / non clinics responsibilities and the ultimate impact on doctors.

Custodial medical and management experience has given me even more deep understanding of the society fabric, unique problems of marginalised, vulnerable and unfortunates of society.

In management, I enjoy the policy making processes, dealings with clinical &non clinical issues, legal / courts interactions, cost effectiveness measures, complaints handling, conflict management, service development, risk assessment, medical ethics & dilemmas etc.

Psychiatric clinical experience broadened further my insight into the obvious and hidden sufferings the public in general and professions in particular.

Master's Degree in Healthcare has given me the confidence to deal with issues like Risk assessment, change management, effective communication, HSE and Medical Profession Issues.

MSc in Forensic and Legal Medicines, has given me confidence to deal with issues surrounding medical professionals, ethics, dilemmas and patients’ and professionals vulnerability.

I will be honoured and privileged if I were given the opportunity to serve this term in representing my colleagues in the above Category.

I believe in Fair & Equal representation for All Medical Professionals. I believe in developing protocols/ policies that put Doctors Again at Top without compromising Clinical Care of Patients and ultimately bringing back the National Medical Professionals Morale to Highest Level.


Go raibh maith agat a million.

Dr Shane O’Hanlon (Registration Number: 188795)

Shane O'HanlonI am a consultant physician and geriatrician at St. Columcille’s and St. Vincent’s University Hospitals. I trained in 11 centres around Ireland, including part-time while I had a young family.

I hold a first class honours law degree, using it to improve my practice and educate colleagues. I also obtained Certificates in Human Rights, Patient Safety & Risk Management, Palliative Care, Medical Education and a Masters in Health Informatics.

In my clinical work I look after patients in the perioperative period, collaborating with surgeons, anaesthetists & oncologists. I regularly work with GPs to help assess older people in the community, including going on home visits.

I held several roles at UL medical school including Clinical Skills tutor and Lead for Professional Competencies. I wrote a module on Online Professionalism that was used internationally. I am a researcher, have sat on an Ethics Committee and designed trials. My thesis was on the educational needs of GPs. I have been published in BMJ, JAGS and Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine. I have been an invited speaker at RCP London, King’s Fund, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow, and AAGBI.

I spent four years in the UK, and was appointed Honorary Secretary of the British Geriatrics Society after a national election. I am a member of their board, company director, and chair the Policy & Communications committee, signing off on press releases & co-ordinating social media (twitter @drohanlon). I have been a board member of Age & Ageing journal, INMED and Health Informatics Society of Ireland.

I am a strong proponent of no-fault systems, transparency and learning from error. Fairness, respect and dignity should be guaranteed to all involved. I have the knowledge, qualifications and experience to help the medical council improve, and help doctors focus on treating patients.

Dr Sumi Dunne (Registration Number: 23439)

Sumi DunneDr Mousumi (Sumi) Dunne BM BSc (Hons) MICGP MSc graduated from the University of Southampton and has been based in the Republic of Ireland since 1999. She has a background in neonatal intensive care and emergency department paediatrics before undertaking specialist general practice training. She graduated from Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) and Northern Area Health Board (NAHB) General Practice specialist GP training programme with her Membership of the Irish College of General Practitioners in 2006. Since then, she has maintained both an academic and clinical career in General Practice, working as a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of General Practice RCSI and as a GP in Portarlington, County Laois.

In her clinical, academic and other professional activities, Dr Dunne has developed a particular interest in medical student and doctor wellbeing, as an advocate for medical students and providing support where required. She believes strongly in the need for clinician leadership, and in 2016 completed a Master’s in Leadership for Health Professions Education at RCSI. In her role as a RCSI Clinical Lecturer Dr Dunne is actively involved in the delivery of the GP undergraduate curriculum and acts as an examiner for both the GP and final medical examinations. She is a member of the RCSI Human Research and Ethics Committee and contributes to GP articles in various media outlets.

Dr Dunne is a highly committed and compassionate GP. Based in a busy practice, she is acutely aware of the pressures faced by doctors in providing high quality care in the context of sustained financial cutbacks. She aims to represent clinicians in practice and believes there is a pressing need to restore faith in the current regulatory process whilst prioritising both patient and doctor safety. She is also keen to explore processes of robust mentorship for doctors from graduation to retirement.

A mother of four children aged between 4 and 14, Dr Dunne’s hobbies include cooking with chocolate and yoga.

Dr Malachy Gerard Coleman (Registration Number: 3464)

Malachy ColemanI graduated from UCD in 1979, and I have worked as a GP in Waterford for the past 35 years.

I have not played an active role in National or Medical Politics.

While I hold Postgraduate qualifications in Forensic and Aviation Medicine, my main interest has always been in General Practice.

The role of a GP develops a unique and lifelong bond with patients. This is the essence of General Practice. I feel that this gives GPs a comprehensive and sympathetic insight into the Doctor-Patient relationship. It is very important this this experience, gained over many years, be made available to the Medical Council, and I feel that I can represent my specialty as an enthusiastic member of the Council.

Dr Marcus De Brun (Registration Number: 128888)

Marcus De BrunI am 48yrs old, married with four kids. In 1987 after secondary school, I moved to London and worked as a labourer. I moved to California in 1989 and to obtain a visa I enrolled in a college course. Within the American education system I realised that I was not a dunce. I completed a degree in English & Science at CSU Sacramento. In 1995 I returned to Ireland, completed a degree in Microbiology at TCD. In 1997 I enrolled at RCSI. I interned at OLL Drogheda and worked in the A/E for 18 months. I then emigrated to NZ for 5 years and completed my NZ GP Memberships. I returned to Ireland in 2010 and opened a Practice in Dublin where I work as a sole practitioner. I never had much interest in the IMC, apart from being amazed at the money they waste upon rent, and the lack of support offered to Dr's in general. In 2017 I was hauled before a public FTP Hearing for refusing to participate in an IMC assessment scheme. The IMC case against me failed, no findings were made against me. The process was the most difficult of my professional life. During the ordeal I became familiar with the IMC's history of abuse towards Dr's, the treatment of Dr Ardill, Professor Corbally and others. I became determined to change things. Relations between Doctors and the IMC might be described as predator/prey. This is highlighted by public hearings and the current administration of the 2007 Act which encourages defensive medicine and a lack of public confidence in the profession as a whole. I would like to see a robust, accountable IMC that SUPPORTS the profession as much as it polices it. The 2007 Act must be revised. To achieve this I ask for your vote.

Dr Cormac Duff (Registration Number: 417089)

Dr Eleanor Mary Corcoran (Registration Number: 3617)

MB Bch BAO.DCH D,Obstet, MRCPI .MRCPsych.

UCD graduate 1974.I have worked for more than thirty years in the practice of Psychiatry. I entered Psychiatry with very broad previous relevant training and experience in General Medicine, Neurology, Cardiology and as a clinical lecturer in Geriatric Medicine. I spent two years in the postgraduate training scheme in Psychiatry at St Patrick’s and St James’ Hospitals, one year as registrar in the Resettlement/Rehabilitation team in St, Brendans Hospital, and Clinical Tutor in St. John of God Service Stillorgan. My first Senior Registrar Post was in Old Age Psychiatry in Northern Ireland, then four years Senior Registrar Training in Republic of Ireland in General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry. I was appointed through the Local Appointments Commission to work as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Donegal Mental Health Service where I had special interest in Research on Suicide, Suicide Prevention and the relationship between Alcohol and Suicide, Rehabilitation and Recovery, and the Mental Health of Travellers. Patient safety, and risk management by effective team work and good communication and service organization have always been of paramount importance.

Throughout my career teaching students and later postgraduate trainees have been an integral part of my work. I have experience in teaching, organizing exams,and examining in both Medicine and Psychiatry. In Donegal I was Clinical Tutor in Psychiatry for five years and during that time the service was accredited as suitable for three years postgraduate training. In 2011- 2012 I was part time Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at Letterkenny Medical Academy NUIG.

I moved to Dublin in 2014 and having retired from my substantive post in Donegal, work as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychiatry of Old Age, currently working with North Dublin Psychiatry of Old Age Service providing a community based service.