Specialist Division - Public Health Medicine

Candidates nominated in the Specialist Division – Public Health Medicine are as follows:

Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 11124)
Dr Paul Quigley (Registration Number: 2191)

The biographies below were supplied by the candidates.

Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 11124)

Anthony Breslin

Specialist in Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health in North West.

Council member for 2013-2018.

Graduated NUIG. Completed postgraduate training and worked in UK.

Achievements on Council:

- reduced registration fee for first 3 years of registration
- removed requirement for doctors cleared of complaints to have their CPD audited for 5 years
- removed requirement for doctors to have full CPD points if there were off work due to illness, maternity leave, leave of absence etc
- faster process for managing minor complaints and non-complaints to ease stress on doctors.

Despite the above managing complaints needs more work and minor or non-complaints still take too much time to process. One of the important issues the next Council has to address is the retention of junior doctors. I have worked on the Council to put in place the “Safe start” project that will provide basic information to interns and overseas doctors on issues such as safe prescribing, informed consent, end of life discussion etc. I have also met with representatives of overseas doctors on the issue of access to higher training posts and I have asked the Department of Health to pass the legislation that will help these doctors continue to work in Ireland. The legislation is written, it just needs to go to the Dail.

Through my day to day work I have contact with GP, Consultant, NCHDs and Community based doctors. I am aware of their concerns and to help address them I would like the next Council to be more accessible to doctors, and make doctors aware of all the work the council does using the fees paid by doctors e.g. accreditating universities, overseeing postgraduate training. The Council should also be allowed to look for other sources of income. Finally CPD should be relevant to the doctor and retired non-practising doctors should not have to do CPD.

Dr Paul Quigley (Registration Number: 2191)

Paul QuigleyDr Paul Quigley qualified from UCD in 1975. He first developed an interest in public health medicine during clinical work with Native American and West Indian patients. He trained as a UK Specialist in PHM, and was a temporary consultant to the WHO European Office on problems of primary health care among disadvantaged urban populations.

Paul returned to clinical medicine, and worked in NI provincial hospitals, before completing GP training. He witnessed the clinical and social sequelae of heavy alcohol, tobacco and sugar addiction, and developed an interest in chronic disease, mental health and addiction. He received an NHS regional award in 1997 for a study of psychosocial problems in the medical ward caseload.

Paul has been employed in the HSE’s Social Inclusion and Addiction services since 1998. He works in multi-disciplinary addiction treatment teams, reducing the harm caused by the heroin injecting and multi-substance misuse epidemics. He is very familiar with the devastating impact of domestic or institutional abuse/neglect on child development.

Dr Quigley holds an MSc in Social Medicine, and a PhD in Addictions. He has published and presented regularly over the years, and was a plenary speaker at the 2008 Conference of the European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association (EUROPAD).

Paul works with leaders in the community and voluntary sectors, and served on the Board of HIV Ireland for 15 years. He was a guest speaker at the 50th Anniversary Conference of Cuan Mhuire, founded by Sr Consilio.

Dr Quigley is strongly opposed to bullying and discrimination. He recently obtained a court injunction restraining the HSE from retiring him compulsorily on age grounds, and continues to highlight problems in the healthcare management environment.

Paul is a gardener, hill-walker and traditional musician, and believes in the old adage ‘mens sana in corpore sano’.