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Intern Training Site Inspections

Intern Training Site Inspections


A certificate of experience confirms that a doctor has completed a period of internship training to the standards set by the Medical Council. In Ireland, the intern year is the first year of postgraduate training and for the majority of doctors, immediately follows graduation from Medical School.

Prior to the introduction of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 (the Act), the responsibility for issuing certificates of experience to interns lay with the Medical Schools which awarded those interns their primary medical qualification.

Under Section 49(2) of the Act, the responsibility for issuing certificates of experience transferred to the Medical Council. However, before Council could proceed to issue certificates of experience and under Section 49(3) of the Act, Council was obliged to inspect all intern training sites in the State to ensure that acceptable training standards were in place.


The standards which were applied throughout the course of these inspections are the Medical Council's 'standards for training and experience required for the granting of a certificate of experience to an intern' which were developed in fulfilment of Section 88(3)(d) of the Act.



For the intern year commencing 11th July 2010, interns completed their training in one (or more) of thirty-eight identified training sites. All training sites were inspected on dates between January and April 2011. The schedule of inspections can be viewed here.

The inspection teams comprised a number of external assessors and members of the Medical Council. The exact composition of an inspection team depended on the relative size of the training site being inspected as determined by the number of interns receiving training at that site.


Each training site which was inspected was found to have acceptable training standards and as of 1st June 2011, the Medical Council has taken responsibility for issuing certificates of experience.

Following these inspections and under Section 88(3)(f) of the Act, the Medical Council has provided feedback and issued recommendations (where necessary) to the management of each site to ensure that standards are maintained and that any potential concerns are addressed.

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