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7th February 2014

Dear Colleague,

As you may be aware, during the term of the current Medical Council, its guidance on good professional practice will be reviewed and revised. We are currently planning the programme of work to meet this goal, which will be supported by broad and intensive dialogue with the medical profession, the public and other partner organisations.

With the commencement in January 2014 of the new Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, the Council, to assist doctors, has updated the guidance contained in paragraph 21 of the current Guide. Rather than wait until our programme of work to review and revise the Guide is completed, we have decided to re-circulate the Guide now with this updated paragraph.

The revised paragraph 21 can be read in conjunction with Paragraphs 11 and 39 on Emergencies and Emergency Situations, Paragraph 34 relating to Capacity to Consent and Paragraph 10 relating to Conscientious Objection. It is perhaps a fitting time to re-read the Guide, as it is important that we all remind ourselves from time to time of the expectations on doctors regarding professional values and behaviours. You can view the Guide on our website at: . This will be followed in time, and after an extensive consultation process, with the fully updated Guide.

I would like to thank the members of the Medical Council, members of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee and the Executive of the Medical Council for all the hard work that is being done, including in relation to reviewing and revising this Guide.

Best wishes
Prof. Freddie Wood

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