What is a Relevant Medical Disability?

Section 2 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 defines 'Relevant Medical Disability' as: "a physical or mental disability of the practitioner (including addiction to drugs or alcohol)which may impair the practitioners ability to practice medicine or a particular aspect thereof."

A new function of the Health Sub-Committee is in relation to medical practitioners who declare a relevant medical disability as part of an application for registration.
Section 53 of the MPA 2007 states;

(1) a medical practitioner making an application for registration shall declare in the application whether the practitioner has any relevant medical disability.
(2) Where the Council is satisfied that -
(a) a medical practitioner making an application for registration has a relevant medical disability, and
(b) in the interest of patient safety, registration should only be granted to the practitioner, subject to conditions on the practising of medicine by the practitioner which may take account of that disability, the council shall specify the conditions...which in the opinion of counil, are necessary to be attached..."

The full Medical Practitioners Act 2007 (MPA) can be found in our Legislation Section