What you need to know

If you are planning to move abroad and work as a doctor in another country, you may need the following:

Certificate of Current Professional Status

The Certificate of Current Professional Status is used by competent authorities when considering applications for registration and shows the current registration status of the doctor.

To be eligible for a Certificate of Current Professional Status you must currently be in good standing with no ongoing proceedings, conditions or findings against you.

You can now apply for a Certificate of Current Professional Status through your online registration account.

Fees for a Certificate of Current Professional Status.

Please note: We do not issue Current Professional Status certificates by courier, and any such requests should be arranged and paid for directly by the Doctor.

Certificate of Experience

The Certificate of Experience is a document which confirms that a doctor has successfully completed their internship to the standards set by the Medical Council.

In order to be eligible for a Certificate of Experience you need to have completed your internship and the Medical Council need to have received final sign-off from your intern network coordinator.

You can request your certificate of experience through your online registration account.

Please note that prior to 2011 Certificates of experience were issued by the universities. Applicants who completed their internships prior to 2011 can request a letter from the Medical Council confirming that their certificate of experience was accepted for the purposes of registration. Alternatively, the original certificate can be requested from the university where you graduated. 

EU/EEA Freedom of Movement Certificates

You may need one of the following for your qualifications to be recognised in other EU Member States. 

Certificate of Specialist Doctor (CSD)

To apply for a CSD please log on to your online registration account.

Certificate of Specific Training or Acquired Rights (CSTAR)

To apply for a CSTAR please log on to your online registration account.

Article 3(3) Certification

Article 3(3) Certification application form.pdf 

Article 24 Compliance

Article 24 Compliance application form.pdf.

Article 25 Post verification Form

Article 25 Post Verification Form attached form.pdf.

  • Please send all pdf application forms to the Registration Section, Medical Council, Kingram House, Kingram Place, Dublin 2, D02 XY88.

Moving to Australia 

A letter confirming that you are a graduate of an Irish medical school is required when applying to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA). You can apply for this by filling out this application form. This letter will be sent directly to the address in which you registered.

Voluntary Withdrawal from the Register

Doctors who are moving abroad can voluntarily withdraw their name from the Medical Council register. When voluntarily withdrawn, a doctor does not have to pay the annual retention fee. You can voluntarily withdraw your name by logging into your online registration account and selecting the voluntary withdrawal request option.