Health Managers - What you need to know about Professional Competence

  • As of May 2011, doctors working in your healthcare organisation are subject to a statutory obligation to maintain professional competence.
  • Employers are legally obliged to facilitate doctors’ pursuit of professional competence requirements.
  • Employers already provide a range of supports to employed doctors to support maintenance of professional competence and the establishment of this new system may present an opportunity to review these arrangements.
  • Health service managers should consider how this new system can best integrate with local clinical governance systems and clinical directorate arrangements.  For example, an employer may request that a doctor provide evidence that they are pursuing a professional competence scheme as part of an annual clinical appraisal process; maintenance of professional competence activities, such as clinical audit, may reflect local service needs as part of a clinical directorate business plan.

Information leaflet for employers

To download information for Healthcare Organisations and Employers of Doctors please click here.pdf

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