Patient Safety

Patient safety is at the heart of the Medical Council's role. Our work aims to improve standards of patient safety in Ireland. The Medical Council sets standards to protect the public.

To promote patient safety the Medical Council has signed;

  • An agreement with the Health Products Regulatory Authority to share any concerns relating to the improper behaviour, conduct, practice or professional competence of a doctor. To share information regarding the improper use, supply, administration or advertisement of medicinal or health-care products that may breach legislation enforced by the IMB or where patient medical safety may be at risk.
  • An agreement with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) to increase mutual cooperation to ensure maximum effectiveness regarding public safety and public health issues when carrying out their statutory functions.

President Professor Freddie Wood, on the importance of patient safety 

Working with Your Doctor: useful information for patients booklet

This booklet aims to help you get the best health care through working in partnership with your doctors and other health professionals. It explains the different types of doctors that might treat you, what you can expect from them and how you can work with them to improve your care. The booklet also explains the Medical Council’s role and provides help if you are looking for information about health and healthcare. 

Useful Publications

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