Annual Registration Fee*
Full Year           €   605
Over 70's€    67

*A late payment fee of €50 applies to those who fail to pay their retention fee and submit a completed application form on or before 1st July


Application & Registration Fee          €   310
A single fee for graduates becoming interns

General/Trainee Specialist Division

Graduates of Irish medical schools (Category 1) - Fee payable by completing interns
Application Fee€   185
Registration Fee**€   510

Graduates of Irish medical schools (Category 1) - First time registrant (non interns)
Application Fee€   190
Registration Fee***€   605

Doctors graduates in an EU medical school and/or their qualifications are recognised under EU Directives (Category 2 & 3)
Application Fee€   410
Registration Fee**€   605

Doctors who do not come under Categories 1-3 (Category 4)
Application Fee€   410
Registration Fee***                                                                                      €   605
Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES) (If Required)
Level 2 (payable to provider, not the Council)  €   273
Level 3€   815

Specialist Division

First Time Applications & Transfers

Graduated from Higher Specialist Training Programme in Ireland (Category A)
Application Fee €   425
Registration Fee***€   605

Trained and / or Recognised as a Specialist in an EU Member State (Category B, C & D)
Application Fee  €   640
Registration Fee***€   605

Doctors who have completed higher specialist training or equivalent and who are not recognised under Categories A-D (Category E)
Application Fee€   470
Registration Fee**€   605

Assessment Fees

The fee for assessment is €4037.00. The fee is apportioned as follows: €470 Medical Council administration fee; €2,900 Postgraduate Training Body assessment fee; €667 VAT on the assessment. Once an assessment has commenced, the fee is not refundable. If an application is withdrawn prior to transfer by the Medical Council to the postgraduate training body for assessment, the fee will be refunded less the Medical Council administration fee.

** Half year registration fee of €255 applies if first time registration commences from 1st January ( completing interns)

*** Half year registration fee of €305 applies if first time registration commences from 1st January

Review Hearings
Hearing Fee - Applicant will pay €3,075 of which €1,000 will be paid to PGTB for attendance                                             €   2,075
Written Review - Specified in PGTB SLA€   200
Review Hearings for disciplinary issues€  680

Transfer Application (i.e. transferring from another division to specialist division
Assessment Fee €   230

Restoring to the Register 

Restoring from Voluntary Withdrawal 
Restoral Fee - Full year    €   675
Restoral Fee - Half Year€   375
  • Above fees include €70 administration fee
Restoring from removal
Restoral Fee - Full year    €   825
Restoral Fee - Half Year€   525
  • Above fees include €220 application fee

Service Requests & Administrative Fees

Duplicate Certificates - available through "MyAccount" portal                           No Fee

"Basic " Requests
Cert of Professional Status/Cert of Good Standing - For each certificate, no reduced fee for multiple copies                                                       €   50
Non-standard letters€   65

"Complex " Requests
Certificates of Specialist Doctor(CSD)                                                                                              €  105
Additional Qualifications                                                                                                                   
Article 3.3

Methods of Payment

Payments may be made to the Medical Council by bank draft or credit card / Laser Card.

1. By Bank Draft

Bank drafts are acceptable provided: a) they are in Euro and are payable at an Irish bank in Ireland. (If they are in Euro but payable at a foreign bank these will be returned as they will incur bank charges which of course differ from day to day.) OR b) they are acceptable in Sterling payable at a British bank in the U.K. OR c) they are acceptable in U.S. dollars payable at an American bank in the U.S.

2. Credit / Visa Debit Cards

Payments may be made by Visa or Mastercard or by Visa Debit Card. Please ensure that the following information is given: Cardholder's name, credit card number, expiry date, amount of money payable, CVV on back of card A fee of 2.02% will apply to all VISA and MASTERCARD payments and EUR0.25 for all Visa Debit Card transactions.

If you require any assistance regarding the above, please contact the Council at +353-1-4983100

As with all payments and correspondence to the Medical Council, please quote your Registration or Reference number on the bank draft.